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Welcome to the Gr8life company website - home of the Gr8life Wheel of Life Movie and Programs.

Our slogan - Finding Happiness Through Balance.        Our Mission is to reach out and teach people world wide how to live happier lives using our simple but powerful programs.        Affiliates add value to our mission.        Earn generous Affiliate $'s while achieving rewarding outcomes.

Start changing your life NOW it is as easy as 1, 2, 3.        [1] Watch the Movie
[2] Complete the Movie Companion          [3] Decide your next step.

Ask your self do I want to be happy? Do I want to share a balanced life with my family and friends?

If your answer is yes, our programs can change your life. The Gr8Life Wheel of Life Movie is the foundation to creating a balanced and happy life.

"Happiness is a balanced life. Start Now

Opening Up Our Awareness

I would say after watching “Gr8 Life Wheel of Life Movie” I am so excited to make the changes we have been wanting for so long and we now have the tools to do that. It’s an awesome documentary to give you a wide span of what we have been searching for. Opening up our awareness to what we could really have A Great Quality Life !!!

A real heart felt movie thank you, and share it with all your friends and family. - BJ [Australia]


Outstanding! Thought provoking and empowering – “Gr8 Life Wheel of Life Movie” is the hard and inconvenient truth about the overall lack of well-being in our society. Blending centuries old principles with modern day realities and teachings is brilliant. In my mind, what Robert and Team have done with “Wheel of Life” is produce one of the most fundamentally important and necessary films of our time and it will have a profound effect on people’s lives. Everyone NEEDS to see this film, share it and take action!

We, as individuals, have enormous potential and possess the ability to be the change we want to see in the world, we always have, but we cannot be that change unless we start listening to our hearts and tap into that potential. - Shawn [Canada]

Heartstorm - Enjoy our exclusive online video gift.
Comments from authors & speakers that stimulates the imagination and ignites possibilities.
When you listen to your heart you know exactly what to do.

Welcome to Gr8Life Company

The Wheel of Life Movie presents interviews with 18 leading thinkers from a variety fields. These doctors, authors and speakers share their beliefs and thoughts about 8 Key Areas of Life and how you can create significant change in these areas of your life, showing you how to make changes leading to a balanced life . . . . to more happiness . . . . to better health . . . . how to improve self-esteem and much more!

"This is a film that challenges many paradigms and opens you to endless possibilities. It conveys a message we all need to hear and it is a message that if put in action, can change your life forever. I have even watched it with my 8 year old daughter and paused it often as we reflected on what we were hearing. I am grateful to the makers and contributors of this film." - Stephany [USA]

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Gr8Life Wheel of Life Movie - Pay Per View

Gr8Life Wheel of Life Movie - Unlimited Access


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Gr8Life Wheel of Life Movie

Watch the movie now, on your computer, smartphone or tablet.
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Gr8Life Wheel of Life Movie

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